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  • Our professionalism in the fiscal area will help you reduce taxes and avoid sanctions. [+ info]

  • Know the subsidized contracts and reduce labor disputes with our experience and professionalism. [+ info]

  • We assure a successful implementation in the company accounts that will ensure success in decision making. [+ info]

  • We help you meet all of its business trade laws that are applicable to both persons and legal companies (companies express). [+ info]

  • When problems accumulate, we will help and support in the most appropriate solution. [+ info]

  • We specialize in small and medium enterprises where they advise the management control system of the company to optimize resources and facilitate the achievement of management objectives. [+ info]

  • Trust us to know the status of its business management. [+ info]

  • Our interest is to offer a comprehensive and complete professional service. [+ info]


Professional services


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Our interest is to offer a comprehensive and complete professional service.

LPD: The Protection of Personal Data (Act), regulates the processing of personal data are used in business activity, which means that any personal data available to your company (employees, customers, suppliers, drivers and potential clients ...), you must meet certain legal requirements such as:
• Registration of the files in the registry of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (the name is inscribed, characteristics and purpose of the file, not its content).
• Comply with a series of legal requirements on data collection: rights to information, consent and possibility of access, rectification and deletion of data from those affected.
• Establish the technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety of the files or databases, and collect them in a security document available to the Data Protection Agency when required.
Failure to Act may result in fines ranging from 900 to 600,000 euros The Data Protection Agency as a body that monitors compliance with the law, may act ex officio or at the request of an individual, and has imposed fines amounting to millions euros.

PRL: We offer the possibility of a diagnosis of the situation of the company in compliance with the law on prevention of occupational risks and agree to mutual agreement with the Spanish main.

INSURANCE: Elite business management is an agent of Catalana Occidente. We are committed to providing the best insurance for your company.

VIRTUAL OFFICE FISCAL AND DEBIT: Our virtual office and the domiciliation of your company allows you to have our professional team to serve its customers.

WEB and E-Commerce: We also offer the opportunity to develop projects and business communications through the Web.