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  • Our professionalism in the fiscal area will help you reduce taxes and avoid sanctions. [+ info]

  • Know the subsidized contracts and reduce labor disputes with our experience and professionalism. [+ info]

  • We assure a successful implementation in the company accounts that will ensure success in decision making. [+ info]

  • We help you meet all of its business trade laws that are applicable to both persons and legal companies (companies express). [+ info]

  • When problems accumulate, we will help and support in the most appropriate solution. [+ info]

  • We specialize in small and medium enterprises where they advise the management control system of the company to optimize resources and facilitate the achievement of management objectives. [+ info]

  • Trust us to know the status of its business management. [+ info]

  • Our interest is to offer a comprehensive and complete professional service. [+ info]



  • El pasado 12 de diciembre se realizó en el Colegio de Ingenieros en Telecomunicaciones de Catalunya, una exposición sobre la compatibilización de trabajo por cuenta propia con el trabajo por cuenta ajena, donde la actividad profesional tiene una gran relevancia. COMPATIBILIZAR ACTIVIDAD PROPIA CON AJENA
  • 4/10/2013

  • Charla sobre la retribución administradores y socios realizada el pasado 25 de enero de 2013 en Vivendi Business Center RETRIBUCION SOCIOS Y ADMINISTRADORES
  • 21/02/2012

    This kind of constitution reduces costs by half, just as it reduces their time of creation. Set up your own Limited Company in 3 days for 400 euros including VAT
  • November 25, 2011

    Finance from 2012 made ​​the notification by electronic means MANDATORY ELECTRONIC NOTICES
  • DECEMBER 15, 2011

    As of December 1 may pay by phone with Treasury debt. The phone number is 901 200 345. PAY BY PHONE WITH DEBT TAX
  • January 2, 2012

    New types of retention in the local rental will be 21% MODIFICATION DEDUCTIONS FROM 1 JANUARY 2012
  • January 2, 2012

    The minimum wage is fixed by the year 2012 in 641,40 euros a month, being the annual amount of 8.979,60 euros. 2012 MINIMUM WAGE