Private area
Professional services
  • Our professionalism in the fiscal area will help you reduce taxes and avoid sanctions. [+ info]

  • Know the subsidized contracts and reduce labor disputes with our experience and professionalism. [+ info]

  • We assure a successful implementation in the company accounts that will ensure success in decision making. [+ info]

  • We help you meet all of its business trade laws that are applicable to both persons and legal companies (companies express). [+ info]

  • When problems accumulate, we will help and support in the most appropriate solution. [+ info]

  • We specialize in small and medium enterprises where they advise the management control system of the company to optimize resources and facilitate the achievement of management objectives. [+ info]

  • Trust us to know the status of its business management. [+ info]

  • Our interest is to offer a comprehensive and complete professional service. [+ info]


Professional services


Labor area

Know the subsidized contracts and reduce labor disputes with our experience and professionalism.

Our company offers comprehensive advice in the workplace and the ability to perform the following steps:

• Preparation of pay slips.

• Newsletters of Social Security contributions of both paid staff or self.

• Study, preparation and processing of applications for deferment of payments division and General System of Social Security to the Treasury.

• Study, preparation and processing of any contract. Affiliation: high, low and variations (employees and self-employed). Accident Working Parties.

• High and low parts of Social Security disease. Preparation of quarterly income tax payment including professional brokers or self-employed (Model 110 on account of income).

• Preparation of annual summary I.R.P.F. (model 190).

• Certificates of withholding workers and professionals.

• Direct advice on any issues arising from the employment relationship-employee company, and any consultation of labor.

• Advice and assistance in labor inspections, or to any labor organization of the administration.

• Representation and assistance in conciliation proceedings before Branch Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation of the
Department of Labor.

• The proceedings before the Labour Court would be subject to additional minutación.