Private area
Professional services
  • Our professionalism in the fiscal area will help you reduce taxes and avoid sanctions. [+ info]

  • Know the subsidized contracts and reduce labor disputes with our experience and professionalism. [+ info]

  • We assure a successful implementation in the company accounts that will ensure success in decision making. [+ info]

  • We help you meet all of its business trade laws that are applicable to both persons and legal companies (companies express). [+ info]

  • When problems accumulate, we will help and support in the most appropriate solution. [+ info]

  • We specialize in small and medium enterprises where they advise the management control system of the company to optimize resources and facilitate the achievement of management objectives. [+ info]

  • Trust us to know the status of its business management. [+ info]

  • Our interest is to offer a comprehensive and complete professional service. [+ info]


Professional services


Bankruptcy area

When problems accumulate, we will help and support in the most appropriate solution.

The dynamics of the company and the external situation it can cause a delicate economic situation that needs a situational intervention and advice than us are willing to provide a professional and serious. The bankruptcy process provides the ability to maintain and preserve the company and solve economic problems. Therefore, we offer our full service in this process including:

• Advice on the application process of competition.

• Support and consultation documents to prepare.

• Assistance to the / the receivers.

• Preparation and production of the documents requested by the receivers.

• Negotiation with banks.

• Alternative funding.

• Preparation of feasibility plans.

• Proposed Convention.